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We're always in the process of photographing our most recent projects, so here's a sampling from our portfolio.

Feel free to find information or inspiration!

This custom home balances traditional cottage charm with modern, clean lines and styles. The custom millwork throughout is the icing on the cake!

This custom home draws from the Cape Dutch style... with a Rosemary Beach vibe. The 12' ceilings on the main level add even more lux!

We called this one a renovation, but we took our client's existing house down to the basement foundation... and built this charmer in its place!

We worked with our client for over 2 years, finding her ideal lot and then crafting 3 levels of finished space, including an entertainer's kitchen and an 8-person theater.

Our clients bought and lived in an older home for years, while planning their ground up build on the lot. We can't wait to upload the full gallery for this charming cottage!

We remodeled our client's historic home through a new addition for a modern kitchen and master bath suite. We also restored original elements in the rest of this stunner.

This interior-only remodel left the house virtually unrecognizable from its dated design and color palette. We also removed the wall to modernize the kitchen.

We're so proud of our clients for pursuing their dream... and so honored to have been their partners in building their beautiful, new retail space!

While the scale of these renovations is smaller than our whole-house projects, you can still bask in the glory of these before-and-afters. Feed your reno-hungry soul.

Details... we're obsessed with them. We could fill the whole Internet with pictures of our favorites, but for the sake of modern society, we've shared only a smattering here.